Beyond Placement

Situation Overview

Our client, a health services provider, has experienced steady growth over the past several years with a growing need to establish and develop a management team to lead the business functions and manage team members. With a continued focus on the expansion of their business, it was important to identify the right roles and accountabilities that would alleviate some of the day-to-day business administration from the partners, operationalize procedures and drive growth. To round out the management team, the partners aligned on adding a general manager to oversee the business.


Like many industries, the healthcare industry is evolving – new practice technologies, automated digital business systems, a changing regulatory environment and increased competition. Navigating this change requires different skillsets of team members, ensuring a good mix of strengths and capabilities across the management team. The company had experienced some challenges with the operational leadership position in the past and needed to take a more strategic approach to sourcing a candidate. They retained ML6 Search + Talent Advisory to help them view the role through a different lens. Some of the challenges included:

  • Lack of qualified talent in the industry
  • Structure of the existing position
  • Past attrition in the role resulted in lost productivity and internal disruption


In order to run a successful search, especially at the executive level, a detailed and comprehensive position design and development process was required. In conjunction with our clients, we needed to better understand the cultural dynamics of the company, the strengths, and weaknesses of the existing role definition, and identify the profile of the ideal candidate. As an investment in the strategic direction of the company, the partners aligned to a multi-faceted approach:

Job Design
Discovery & Research:
  • Working session
  • Review of existing materials (business goals, JD, compensation, performance management process, performance reviews, interview process)
Output Report:
  • Recap of learnings
  • Comprehensive position description
  • Candidate persona
  • Revised interview process
Search & Offer Management
  • Sourcing through select channels and networking
  • Screening and shortlist
Candidate Selection:
  • Interviewing and feedback management
  • Psychometric assessment for finalists
  • Professional references
  • Background check
Offer Management:
  • Guidance and recommendations
  • Present offer
Onboarding & Feedback
Discovery & Research:
  • Analysis of current onboarding program
  • 1:1s with the leadership team
Program Design:
  • Pre-boarding, day 1 and first 6 weeks
  • Culture immersion, team introductions, and executive-level training
  • Defined roles of team members in onboarding


Finding the right candidate with the right experience and – more importantly – the capabilities required for this company’s unique needs was no small task. With a thorough understanding of our client’s goals and past experiences, we were able to present a number of candidates that fit the profile, with one being selected to join. This employee has been with the company for over a year and continues to implement programs and processes to operationalize and scale the business for continued growth.