Onboarding For Success

A progressive, human-centered design approach to Onboarding new employees – follow these 6 best practices for long-term sustainable results

So, you’ve recruited a senior leader, hired a new manager, built a new department, hired a new cohort of co-op students. One thing remains the same, no matter the experience level, life stage or personal attributes of new hires, they are all human beings with needs, fears, and aspirations. The need for connection, the desire to fit in and establish relationships, and to grasp the company’s culture, or “how things are done around here” – from its purpose, mission, and values, to how the company and its departments operate – are important requisites of all new hires. On a personal level, the need to understand expectations, fulfill the role’s responsibilities and make an impact are basic elements to feeling rewarded.

With attrition rates falling between 33-66% in the first year, can you afford to not make an impactful first impression?

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