Bringing a Strategic Approach to Recruitment

Regardless of the industry, finding the right talent is more difficult than ever. Some of the factors contributing to this include a low unemployment rate, changing demographics, a focus on cross-functional skillsets, new emerging jobs and very different career path trajectories. The labour market of today and tomorrow is a constant evolution.

It’s time for fresh thinking about employment and the candidate experience. It’s not about volumes of resumes. It’s about people and business, and understanding the intersection and connection between the two.

Our approach to search begins with a thorough discovery of our client’s business, culture and role requirements. We develop a customized plan, including sourcing and interviewing, and maintain frequent feedback loops to the hiring team and candidates. As a recruitment partner, our clients save time on sourcing, resume screening and interviewing, allowing them to focus on other priorities.

What our partners have to say

Executive Search

We understand the importance of adding a senior leader and the consequences of hiring a poor fit. With pressure to fill the role quickly and team members who rely on the direction of the senior leader, filling a vacant leadership role can be stressful and time consuming.

Finding experienced leaders to drive the business forward, who align to culture and has the ability to empower people, requires objectivity and due diligence. We rely on our deep network of senior leaders and passive senior talent to source top candidates that will drive business strategy and have a lasting impact.

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Contingency Search

We understand the hiring cycle and the consequences of having a vacant role open too long. A vacant role can cost an organization in time, stress, and money. When additional help is needed, ML6 provides hiring support for difficult searches, times of high volume, or simply when internal time is limited.

From lost productivity, greater inefficiencies, gaps in team leadership, or additional pressure on others to do more, we understand time is of the essence but don’t compromise on quality. We rely on our talent community and network to source top candidates that align to culture and can bring the experience, skills, and capabilities required to drive results.

Contract Search

We understand flexible workforce planning needs and the consequences of not having the expertise internally. When the business requires a subject matter expert to dive in and complete a project, a contract can be the ideal solution.

We rely on a robust network of highly specialized talent available to support fixed-term or project engagements, providing the ability to flex resources up or down based on changing business or project needs. We provide candidates quickly, often within 5 days of intake, manage the administration of contracts, time sheets, and payroll. We can also facilitate the conversion from contract to permanent when required.

ML6 Search and Talent Advisory Contract Search

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

We understand the war for talent and how time consuming recruiting can be during this competitive labour market. When an organization has a high volume of talent needs, and limited resources to dedicate, handing the process off (or parts of it) can make a lot of sense.

We leverage our industry and function specific expertise, as well as our customized search techniques to manage an end-to-end recruitment process on your behalf. Our RPO solutions will optimize your organization’s ability to hire top talent quickly, and most importantly, allow you to focus on other strategic priorities while having the peace of mind that your recruitment needs are in capable hands.

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