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Generating Differentiated Talent Strategies

Regardless of the industry, retaining talent is more difficult than ever. Some of the factors contributing to this include a low unemployment rate, employees wanting to align personal values to company values and culture, personal and professional growth through new opportunities, or perception of better benefits and perks at other companies. The talent of today’s labour market is in constant flux.

It’s time to think differently about employment and the employee experience. It’s not about false promises. Rather, it’s about people and business, and understanding what employers offer, and what employees value the most. And it’s about building the processes, practices and employer brand story to facilitate a sense of community at work for the benefit of all parties.

We create customized advisory solutions to help companies enhance their employer brand reputation, enable a proactive approach to hiring, and implement immersive onboarding experiences. As an advisory partner, we not only provide advice but go on the resourcing journey with our clients, complementing their team as needed.

Employer Brand Strategy

We understand the value of employer brand and the consequences of a negative reputation on business performance. The focus on talent has the attention of the C-Suite with employer brand strategy being the heart of the “people and culture” ecosystem. A well-defined employer brand differentiates employers from others, attracts talent that aligns with their overall offering, and supports the retention of the existing workforce.

We dig into a company’s talent brand drivers and uncover insights that define the unique employee value proposition (EVP), inform program changes and new people practices, and highlight the attributes to be celebrated. We create targeted messaging and development of internal and external activation plans across all job categories.

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ML6 Search and Talent Advisory
ML6 Search and Talent Advisory

Talent Acquisition Optimization

We understand the demands of filling multiple requisitions and the consequences of inefficiencies. Talent acquisition is much more than sourcing candidates and closing requisitions in the ATS. It’s about recognizing the business impact of the open roles, applying data analytics to optimize searches and developing relationships with the right people.

We take a holistic approach to understand the effectiveness of the current team and practices, quality of hire, retention rates, and the overall candidate experience. We then develop streamlined operational processes and technology practices, a talent acquisition toolkit, and a sourcing and marketing plan to enable a proactive approach to hiring.

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Onboarding Programs

We understand the investment it takes to hire and onboard new employees and the consequences of new hire attrition. The first 30-60-90 days is a critical time period where employees make the decision to leave or stay. With a low unemployment rate and high competition for talent, retaining employees – especially beyond the first year – is becoming more challenging.

We take a practical approach to designing onboarding programs that immerse employees into a company’s culture with the necessary knowledge, skills, and connections to ensure lasting first impressions and reduce the risk of high attrition. We develop journey maps, taking into consideration the experience touch points of new hires, leaders, managers and SMEs – ensuring delivery of a welcoming, immersive employee experience.

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ML6 Search and Talent Advisory onboarding

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