The ML6 Story Part II: How We’ve Grown

Last year, we explored ML6’s origin story with our Founder & President, Michael Lemmer, and Managing Partner, Jeff Garvin.  

In the blog, Michael and Jeff shared the inspiration behind ML6, the challenges associated with starting a new business, and what building a company from the ground up really looks like. 

Now, one year later, the company has grown at an unprecedented rate! ML6 has doubled in size, restructured the organization, and added new service offerings. That’s why we asked Michael to share how the company has grown in the past year. 

How has ML6 changed over the past year?

Big change has happened at ML6 over the past year, starting with adding three new specialized divisions: Technology, Engineering, and Professional. 

We also added Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to our service offering, continued to enhance our focus on building true client partnerships over operating as a “vendor,” and more than doubled in headcount! 

Why have you shifted the business to focus on three specialized divisions?

We made the shift to allow for deeper partnering with our clients. By having teams specializing in various industries and functional areas, we make sure that our clients only work with recruitment and account management professionals that are experts in their respective space. 

Each division also has the autonomy to operate as its own business unit, which better encourages custom industry and function-specific solutions.

From an internal standpoint, the shift also allowed us to better tailor our training, development, and mentorship for team members within each division.

What have been some of the challenges with growing a business so quickly in such a short amount of time?

One challenge has been finding top talent that fuels our ability to continue to grow.  The best are in high demand, and are often well looked after by their current organizations.

Another challenge is maintaining the quality standard across a significantly higher volume of engagements. Although we ensure that we do, it’s certainly challenging when things get busy.

I’d also say that identifying what business is the most valuable investment of our time is a continuous challenge. We can fill any role, but it doesn’t always make sense for us to work on anything and everything.  

We are very selective about the business we take on, and just as our prospective clients evaluate our ability to deliver on their talent needs, we evaluate prospective clients and their ability and willingness to partner with us on the journey to solve their talent challenges.

What are you most proud of?

That’s easy: my team. We have incredible people and an amazing culture at ML6, and I’d put our team up against any other in the business.

ML6 team
The amazing team behind our ML6 success!

Why is now an exciting time to be part of the ML6 team?

We just came off of a year of unprecedented growth, and we don’t see that slowing down anytime soon. There is so much opportunity right now, and we are always looking to add new awesome members to the team. Did we mention how your pets are more than welcome in our office too?

What can clients and candidates expect from the ML6 team going forward?

Whether you’re a client or candidate, you can expect nothing short of true partnership. We are in each engagement right alongside our clients and candidates, and are driven by and committed to their success.

We maintain a standard of excellence that we expect our clients and candidates to hold us accountable to. Our deep market and recruitment process knowledge allows us to always be real with our clients and candidates — about both the good and the bad — to steer them in the right direction.

Interested in learning more about us? Check out our blog: Who We Are — ML6.

About ML6

ML6 is a recruitment and talent advisory firm located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We provide customized solutions to support our clients throughout the employee lifecycle. We help our clients attract and retain talent by advising on people programs, processes, and best practices.