What it’s like to be an ML6 candidate

Job hunting can be extremely stressful. But enlisting the help of a recruitment partner can help fast forward your path to landing your dream role. However, working with the wrong partner can lead you to waste time pursuing unsuitable opportunities. Not only that, but it can add additional stress to an already overwhelming process!

The right recruitment partner, on other hand, is in your corner from day one, helping to provide strategic advice, effectively communicate your value on the market, connect you with qualified opportunities based on your needs and aspirations, and keep you informed at every step along the journey.

As a candidate with ML6, you can expect all of this and more. From intake to offer, and beyond, we help provide you with a job search solution that’s tailored to your interests and desires, and motivations.

Today, we’re opening the curtain on what it’s like to work with us from a candidate’s perspective. We hope that you can use this information to learn how having a qualified recruitment partner in your corner can expedite your job search and why we’re the right partner for the job! 

Your first day as an ML6 candidate

Before we get to work connecting you with your dream role, we need to first understand your interests, desires, motivators, and other key factors that play a part in your employment decisions.

During this stage, we go a step further to understand not just what you’re looking for in your next job, but in your long-term career. For example, an opportunity might check all of your boxes in terms of interests, but it may not offer much room in terms of career development. By understanding your long-term aspirations, we can filter out these types of opportunities. In fact, with this approach, 98% of candidates who get hired through ML6 remain with their company for longer than one year!

With your wants, needs, and aspirations understood, the next piece of the puzzle is to identify how your skills and experiences will fit into current or potential future opportunities. Only when we feel that our vision of your dream role aligns with yours — a process that can require multiple meetings and conversations — do we proceed to the recruitment process.

From intake to offer in just 29 days

The average time between first contacting us and receiving a first offer of employment is 29 days. To achieve this, our recruitment process is made up of three primary ingredients: respect, transparency, and expertise.


While we’re happy to do the heavy lifting to connect you with roles we think you’ll love, we’re not interested in a one-time business transaction. Instead, we’ll treat you like one of our partners, providing you with timely updates, responding to any questions you have, adjusting our search depending on your feedback, and encouraging a dialogue at every step of the way to align your interests and motivators with opportunities.


We make sure there’s never any confusion around why you receive the opportunities you do. To avoid wasting time, we let you know exactly what an opportunity is offering, what our clients are looking for, and why we think the opportunity is or isn’t right for you. You’ll also get detailed briefs on any clients you’ll be interviewing with, including potential interviewers you’ll be meeting with to help you prepare in advance.

You can also expect detailed feedback from both us and the client at each stage of the interview process. Even if you don’t end up receiving an offer, you can use the feedback provided to improve your eligibility the next time around — a key reason why 12% of candidates who are invited for an interview by an ML6 client receive an offer, with 95% of those offers being accepted.


Our team has decades of experience across multiple sectors. We love to share our knowledge, which is why we created a resource hub for job seekers. And fun fact: 77% of candidates make use of our resume tips and interview preparation support.

We believe these resources, along with our other advisory services like interview prep and coaching are why 92% of our candidates are invited for an interview. We also provide post-interview, post-offer, and even resignation support as well to make sure that no matter what stage of the journey you’re at, you can get the help you need. For a sample of the kind of support we provide, check out our free Interview Prep Guide, Resignation Guide, and Resume Template available on our Job Seekers page.

With an idea of our process, hopefully, now you can better decide if having a passionate recruitment partner like ML6 in your corner is the right choice for you. If the answer is a resounding “yes!”, get in touch with our expert team of hiring professionals today!

About ML6

ML6 is a recruitment and talent advisory firm located in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We provide customized solutions to support our clients throughout the employee lifecycle. We help our clients attract and retain talent by advising on people programs, processes, and best practice